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Jacob River Milnes is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, filmmaker and producer currently working out of Montreal, Quebec. He has been refining his songwriting chops over the past five years or so, and studied with Canadian folk icon Ian Tamblyn during that time. Jacob is most well-known for his guitar playing and unique vocal styling.


Performing since the age of 12, he has long been honing his entertainment skills, dedicating himself to his music and poetic lyrics. His style would best be described as musical, but he likes to call it Rock and Roll. As well as writing and performing his own material he can also be seen on stage with his band Abstract Odyssey made up of Declan Ryan on lead and rhythm guitar, and Jake Hayduk on drums.

Since they were teenagers, Jacob River Milnes and Jake Hayduk have been playing in and out of various local bands together and collaborating on creative projects. In 2020, they decided to join forces and form a rock and roll duo based on the music they love, from Bob Dylan and Elmore James to the Japanese funk of the 1980s. In the two years since they formed, Jacob started his own weekly summer music festival in his hometown of Wakefield, Quebec where the duo would open every week, and then an invited local musician or band would perform. The festival was a big success in the community and allowed the band to share the stage with many local legends, on top of engaging with their growing fanbase, and solidifying their act.


The new album “FOOTPRINTS” captures the band in their studio state. It showcases their ability to go from rock to country to folk, all while maintaining the essential groove. Jacob River Milnes plays all the guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals, and Jake Hayduk plays drums and percussion.

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