Jacob River Milnes is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer currently working out of Wakefield, Quebec. He has been refining his songwriting chops over the past five years or so, and recently studied with Canadian folk icon Ian Tamblyn. Jacob is most well-known for his guitar playing and unique vocal styling.

His electrifying stage presence leaves audiences stoned and stones rolling. Performing since the age of 12, he has long been honing his entertainment skills, dedicating himself to his music and poetic lyrics. His style would best be described as musical, but he likes to call it Rock and Roll. As well as writing and performing his own material he can also be seen, on stage with his band Abstract Odyssey.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Jacob River Milnes started the process of making his debut album, “I’ll Be Waiting Here” in his basement studio. All the instruments on the album were performed by Jacob, but a few songs feature the compliments of his contemporaries. The voice of Allysann Foehring can be heard on “Roll of The Dice” as well as Mia Kelly’s on “Roll of The Dice” and “Go on, Maria (reprise)”. Finally, Jake Hayduk plays Rhodes Electric Piano on “You’ll Be Crying Too”.